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Audition !Audition!
Premier Arts production is contacting open audition on 9th November 2017 as From 9am to 2pm
The following characters are needed.

Tall,handsome and chocolate in colour, age of 20-26years.
Medium of size,dark skinned, arrogant and rude, secretive and inhuman. Age of 35- 45 years.

Tall,chocolate ,a little bit fat, secretive and innovative. Age of 40-50years.

Fat and tall, like spectacle, brown skin and investigative. 30- 35years.

Beautiful,short and plumb, loving and caring .age of 18-24 years.

Brighton :(male)
Chocolate in colour, talkative and obedient. Age of 8- 15 years.

Loving, charming ,brown skinnedand concerned. Age of 5-10years.

Levi :(male)
Hardworking, short and fat, confused at times, dark skinned. Age of 25-30years.

Islamic, brown skinned, emotional and caring. Age of 28-35years.

Confused, brown skinned and military. Age of 22- 25 years.

Tall and fat, secretive and innovative age of 30-35years.

We also need :
Nurses : age 20- 30years. C.i.ds age 20-30years.
Lawyers age 40-50years .cooks age 18-25 years.

Audition will be happening at Jericho social hall Eastlands... From town take a Matatu at Gill house ..called R. O. G and alight at uhuru secondary ..from there the hall is 500metres away.
For more information call:
We value our job.
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